Setup up to satisfy the needs of the oriental community overseas and to cater to those who love fine oriential cuisines.

We specialise in producing high quality yet affordable convenient frozen fresh and tasty food, namely "Tim Sum" and other oriental delicacies. Our motto "Serve to Your Delight" applies not only to the quality of our food but also to our choice of food as well.

Modern food-processing technology is carefully blended with our chef's traditional culinary skills to achieve products of highest quality. Processing time and temperature are continuously monitored by our chef to ensure that the finished products are not only delicious but their nutritional values and freshness are also retained.

Our commitment to quality and excellence can also be seen in our maintenance of the highest quality standards in every phase of the manufacturing process. Customers are assured of consistent and uncompromising quality products are competitive prices. Great emphasis is also placed in delivering our goods on time to our clients.


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